Lee Seung Gi's Popularity in Korea Skyrocketed After Shining Legacy

Lee has been appearing in the SBS TV series "Shining Inheritance" and the KBS TV2 show "Happy Sunday", and has released a digital single called "Will You Marry Me?"

The series "Brilliant Legacy", in which Lee plays a leading role, has topped viewer ratings for six weeks in a row among all TV shows. Over the past two weeks, the series recorded viewer ratings of 39 percent and is just a step from hitting the 40-percent mark. Lee's role in "Shining Inheritance" is his first leading role, and it has recently drawn the spotlight for portraying a romance with actress Han Hyo-joo.

The KBS show "Happy Sunday", on which Lee is also active these days, has recorded viewer ratings of over 30 percent for the third straight week. Though it trails the SBS TV show "Good Sunday" in terms of overall ratings, the viewer ratings of one of its segments -- "One Night And Two Days" -- has remained above the 30-percent mark for three weeks in a row. On July 5, the show's ratings remained at 19.4 percent -- lower than the 24.7 percent recorded by " Family ". However, the "One Night And Two Days" segment recorded 30.57 percent.

Lee's digital single "Will You Marry Me?" which he released in June has topped the mobile phone caller ring charts and online sound charts. It has topped Nate's caller ring chart since late last month, and has remained at the number one and two spots on Cyworld's real-time music charts.

Lee's popularity is rising in the TV commercial market as well. Lee's agency, Hook Entertainment, said Lee has recently signed six deals to appear in TV commercials as a result of his popularity as an actor and that he continues to receive offers.

Lee is to release his 4th studio album next month. His agency said the singer will finish recording his new album late this month after finishing filming the drama. "His efforts and preparations made so far will gradually bear fruit", said the agency.

Source: http://english.kbs.co.kr/

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